Sober October is upon us once again! After the summer we’ve had, full of sunshine, boozy barbecues and England almost getting to the World Cup final, most of us are probably guilty of going over the weekly recommendation of 14 units. Whether you want  a break from hangovers or you just want a health kick while helping a good cause, you don’t have to give up on your favourite tipple! Thanks to Eisberg, UK’s number one alcohol-free wine, you can still enjoy a glass or two of real wine, or even a cheeky cocktail!

By going Sober for October with Eisberg, you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits of the sober lifestyle, and still be able to enjoy the authentic flavours of your favourite wine. On top of not having hangovers, you’ll feel a lot more energised and healthier, ready to conquer the world! Your skin and your bank balance will thank you as well! If you do it for charity, you’ll feel even better!

Here are some benefits to look forward to if you opt for a booze-free October:

  • Wake up feeling refreshed and with a feeling of a good night sleep
  • Have the person next to you wake up feeling fresh too, as booze is sometimes to blame for snoring
  • Alcohol makes you crave sugary or ‘bad’ foods so going without, you’ll find yourself eating better too
  • You’ll see your waistline shrinking
  • A stronger immune system – just in time to keep the autumn colds away

Our tips to help on your mission:

  • Keep a bottle of alcohol-free Eisberg at home, just in case you find yourself craving wine. You won’t even taste the difference!
  • Find a buddy and do it together – it’s easier if you’re in a team
  • Invited to a party? Get a bottle of Eisberg on your way in, same real flavours and kinder to your budget
  • Try some mocktails – at home or while out! Now is your chance to explore!
  • Spread the word – send emails and messages to your friends and family so they can cheer you on