Sparkling Blanc de Blancs

A delicate aroma of yellow Mirabel plum, pear and ripe yellow apple. This wine’s rich and rounded flavour is backed by racy acidity and nuanced Chardonnay notes.

Elegant and sophisticated – THE premium taste in Alcohol Free. Ideal for indulging in those special moments in life.


  • Alcohol free wine based drink
  • Alc 0.0% Vol
  • vegan
  • 0.75 l
  • Optimal drinking temperature: 5 – 7 °C
  • 14 kcal per 125ml serving

Nutritional information:
100 ml contains                  60kJ (14kcal)

Fat                                               0g
of which: Saturates            0g
Carbohydrates                   3.6g
of which: Sugars                 3.1g
Protein                                    0g
Salt                                            0g