Ever wondered how Eisberg can be alcohol free AND still have that great wine taste? Then wonder no longer because here’s the secret behind the UK’s number one alcohol free wine…

Eisberg is made in the exact same way as other wines, but with the alcohol removed at the end of the process. Our team of experts gently take out the alcohol by heating up the wine. (Don’t worry, the alcohol doesn’t go to waste, it’s used to make brandy) – choosing specific grapes for their unique ability to maintain their true taste, after the process is finished.

Not to brag or anything, but we use one of the world’s most advanced techniques, to make sure we give you nothing less than your favourite tipple.

The end result is alcohol free wine with less than 33 calories per 125ml glass that tastes just like your favourite tipple.

Whether you like having a bottle of wine at home for an after-work treat, or you’re looking for a few special occasion drinks without the morning-after feeling, Eisberg has the wine for you!

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