Are you hosting Easter dinner for the entire family? We’ve pulled together our five top tips on how to impress without the stress!

Organise an egg hunt for the kids

Keep the little ones entertained with a fun Easter egg hunt. Plan the route, lay out the treats and let the fun begin!

Save time cooking

Easter dinner is a special treat, but sometimes it can feel like a chore if one person is left to do all the cooking. Save time by peeling and cutting the vegetables the day before and putting them in water or wrapped in a damp paper towel in the fridge. You could even parboil the potatoes the day before – just drain, cover and store in the fridge.

Create atmosphere with Easter decorations

Table decorations are the perfect finishing touch to the Easter dinner table. Make sure this isn’t just a Sunday lunch but a special family meal with some simple candles or bunting to add to the occasion. Or why not get the whole family involved in making decorations, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration.

Make sure you have enough drinks

Avoid having to run to the shop in the middle when everyone has arrived by stocking up on drinks a few days before. Make sure you cater for everyone – we recommend getting beer, wine and cider. Driving or pregnant? You can still enjoy the real taste of wine with Eisberg! Don’t forget the children too – a variety of juice or fizzy drinks would do the trick.


By failing to prepare you prepare you fail. Make a list of tasks and a time plan for the cooking to ensure that everything goes to plan. Buy a little bit extra food and drinks, just in case there’s a surprise guest or you have a hungry bunch. It’s best to have too much than not enough. If anything does go wrong, do your best not to stress too much and enjoy your day!