January is the perfect time for fresh starts including taking on the Dry January challenge. But let’s face it, thanks to long nights and everyone feeling the pinch from all Christmas festivities, it can be very tempting to give up.

So we’ve put together a list of benefits from going alcohol free to help you remember why you’ve chosen to cut the booze and to keep your eyes on the prize!

Your general health will improve

Research shows staying away from the booze for a month reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as the risk of developing diabetes and liver disease. Regular alcohol consumption is also linked to cancer and strokes so even cutting down to below the recommended limit could be very beneficial.

You’ll lose weight

Going dry for January would be the perfect start to the year if you have a weight loss goal. If you consume more calories than you burn, the excess will be stored in the form of fat and we don’t want that! Alcohol is extremely calorific, with a pint of lager having the same calories as a slice of pizza. A glass of red wine, for example, has around 80 calories – the same as a large slice of bread. Swap it for Eisberg and enjoy your favourite for less than half the calories and no hangover!

You’ll save money

Dry January is as good for our wallets as it is for our bodies. According to research, the average Brit spends £50,000 on alcohol in their lifetime. Over two thirds of Dry January participant say they have saved money. Even if you don’t end up with more in your wallet, you might have funds for things you’ve never been able to enjoy before, like meals out or weekend breaks.

You’ll make healthier food choices

Alcohol affects the body’s sugar levels and it causes the body to crave salty, greasy, sugary and starchy food, basically all the bad stuff! Giving up booze for a month will make you want a cleaner diet and not crave a greasy takeaway every weekend.

You’ll sleep better

While alcohol may be seen as a way to fall asleep more easily, the quality of sleep is not great. Alcohol in your blood can disrupt the sleep cycle, reducing the time spent in deep sleep, according to experts.

Your mood will improve

Alcohol has a lot of effects on our mental health and cutting down will most likely improve it. Long-term alcohol use can increase the risk of anxiety and depression as it reduces your brain’s serotonin. Giving up booze even for a month will make you feel happier and more in control of your own self.

You’ll re-evaluate drinking

Being away from alcohol lets you rethink your relationship with alcohol. For many, drinking can turn into a habit than a pleasure, and Dry January can be a way of finding the difference. You might find you’re having just as much fun at the pub with an alcohol-free drink than you would with a G&T, and that’s great!