Christmas is just around the corner and for many we associate it with a time of booze, booze and more booze. But with one in four of the UK population now choosing to cut back on alcohol, we have put together his top five tips for an alcohol free Christmas this year:

Treat yourself


Whatever your reason for deciding to not drink, it’s always good to do something to reward yourself. Because let’s face it, it can be tough to face all the festive parties and family gatherings without a drink in hand. Use the money you save on drinks to spend on a treat that will last a lot longer, such as a new outfit.


Go out for food, not just drinks


Not drinking doesn’t mean not going out! But rather than going to a pub or bar for drinks, turn it into a meal out where the focus is on something other than drinking.


Alcohol free drinks


Once upon a time, not drinking alcohol meant you were resigned to orange juice, fizzy drinks or water. That is definitely not the case now, with a variety of alcohol-free wines beers. And we at Eisberg have come up with a variety of mocktail recipes for those special nights. See more in our Alcohol-free cocktails section.


Get organising


No hangovers means more spare time over Christmas to actually do fun things rather than being stuck on the sofa all day. So get organising activities with friends and family!


Designated Driver

One very simple way to have an alcohol free Christmas is simply to be the designated driver. It stops you from giving in to temptation and it stops others from questioning constantly why you don’t fancy a drink!